What Makes Us Different?

The Conscape Difference

Conscape Lighting + Audio is pleased to provide a higher level of service and dependability you simply won’t find elsewhere. Here are a few of the factors that differentiate us.

  • We are design-centric.
    Many of our competitors look at solutions from one or two perspectives and design from there. We analyze your property from multiple angles, especially inside the home. We always ensure that your backyard lighting looks as beautiful from inside your home as it does from outside.
  • We reduce energy costs.
    By building our unique systems and reducing the heat we increase the lumens going into the lighting system dramatically. In fact, we have the highest lumens per watt in the industry. This allows Conscape to design more efficient systems that require less energy, thus reducing your electricity bill.
  • Superior materials ensure no maintenance.
    Both our lighting and outdoor audio products are designed to Defy the Elements. Our lighting fixtures are made completely out of brass, right down to the nuts, bolts and stake. This means that they will not corrode, remain serviceable and like many brass sculptures, will improve with time. Our fixtures are completely sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris and insects. All of this means that our fixtures are worthy of your investment. Our audio is designed to completely live outdoors. All electronics are encased in weatherproof enclosures ensuring ultimate performance. Our speakers don’t require any maintenance including the need of any winterization.
  • Exclusive Patented Plug-n-Play Cabling System.
    We use a revolutionary system that makes design, install, expansion and maintenance a snap. Connections are the number one cause of failure in all electrical systems. Exclusively using Coastal Connector™, Conscape Lighting + Audio provides the most reliable way to make connections. Coastal Source has eliminated the need to cut, waterproof and splice wire in the field. Now it is quick and easy to create a connection that is totally weatherproof.
  • Lighting - We offer an extensive Lifetime System Warranty and an industry-leading 5 year warranty on the lamps.
    We can do this because we design, engineer and manufacture our products with the best materials that Defy the Elements. We go further and design all components of our system to work together for optimal performance. For instance, we’ve engineered a heat management system in our lighting to properly manage the heat generated. Many of our competitors use LED's for general usage which are not meant to be enclosed in an air-tight fixture. This means our LED's don’t overheat and therefore, last longer providing great light with lower energy requirements. We use no dissimilar materials to ensure all works together, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Audio - We offer 5-year warranty on our speakers, 2-year warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on all wiring.
    We only use quality products with exceptional warranties. However, we guarantee our wiring for life, which gives you the security of knowing that if any replacement of speakers or electronics are necessary, the changes will be easily made above-ground.
  • We are not size discriminators.
    No matter what the size of your backyard space, we will give you the same effort. Our goal is to always make sure your outdoor space looks and sounds incredible so that you can truly enjoy escaping to your backyard no matter what the size.

The Conscape Process

Initial Free Consultation

Initial Free Consultation

A Conscape Lighting + Audio expert will come to your house to take a look at your property, ask questions and assess your needs. We want to understand exactly what you’d like your backyard to become.

Education and determining budget

Education and determining budget

Nothing proceeds without us ensuring our clients are fully aware of the technology available and the prices involved. We don’t want there to be any confusion or susprises.

First proposed design

First proposed design

We go back to our office and design the layout we think will best suit your needs and budget. We will draw an easy-to-read plan and proposal, which we will present to you in person.

Tweaks and final design approval

Tweaks and final design approval

Most of the time we hit the mark, but we also appreciate that clients change their minds or see things differently. We will always work with you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Installation of lighting and audio

Installation of lighting and audio

We come to install everything at your convenience. Our installers will not disrupt your lives, and they’ll work quickly to ensure installation is brisk and smooth.

Final inspection and education

Final inspection and education

When the job is complete, we come back and test everything, ensure all is up to our high standards, and then teach you exactly how to use your new lighting and audio systems.

Free Consultation