Who can you turn to for your Outdoor Lighting + Audio project in Vaughan?

Who can you turn to for your Outdoor Lighting + Audio project in Vaughan?


If you’re planning an outdoor lighting and audio project for your backyard or other outdoor spaces, here’s what you need to know. Start with ensuring that a reputable product is used!  With Conscape Lighting + Audio, you can rest assured that only Coastal Source products are used. These products are designed with quality and engineered to withstand Canadian weather all year round. It’s the design process that each part goes through that makes this line of lighting and audio so exceptional.

Making you feel at ease is our priority when it comes to investing in your backyard to create the ultimate outdoor paradise. From the early stages of the design process through to completion, we can guarantee that every product exceeds the highest of performance and efficiency standards. You can trust that choosing Conscape will provide you with peace, tranquility, and a positive and rewarding outdoor experience with creative lighting options and state of the art audio.

The product design process is key for adapting the lighting or audio’s durability and versatility, and to be placed anywhere in your yard. There is a lot of detail that goes into creating the product that makes it durable and worry free for years to come. Products by Coastal Source are meticulously designed and mastered providing you with the best lighting / audio fixtures. This is not something that is manufactured overnight. Coastal Source takes their time to design a great product that can outshine and out sound any other.

Coastal Source Engineers and Landscape System Professionals draft numerous concepts and choose the best solution, checking off all the points for 3D analysis, for optimization and solid modeling. They take their time in delivering the finest products that will create the optimum outdoor experience for your family and friends to enjoy.

Before moving forward with assembling their lighting and audio products, performance and functionality are meticulously tested over and over again. These prototypes are put through extreme conditions of flooding, heat and air drying to name a few, to ensure our Coastal Source products can operate properly in real weather environments. They do this until the products pass all testing. If they don’t, then it is back to the drawing board.

However, it does not end there. Once approved, more lab testing is completed before the product can actually be installed. Once an installation is complete, our Conscape experts will not leave until everything is in working order and you are completely satisfied. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch us transform your backyard.  Your dream, our work; together we will create the ideal reality of a beautiful sanctuary that is unique to your outdoor space and your home.

The value you receive from Conscape Lighting + Audio goes beyond what you can imagine. Call for a FREE consultation today at 416.399.7567 or visit our website at www.backyardescape.ca.


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