The Depth of Shadowing

The Depth of Shadowing

Most people can agree that design is all about the details. When it comes to your outdoor space every detail counts, and the right lighting can make a huge difference in transforming your yard into an outdoor paradise. Using proper lamp intensity levels and considering aspects like colour temperature and focal points can bring out textures of the objects being lit.

Shadowing sets a distinct mood to your yard and adds primary and secondary lighting effects that will create a more dramatic scene. The shadowing technique is strategically used as a “two for one” and is meant to ‘shadow’ the object being lit (trees, furniture, pools) as well as enlarge it. This method also makes objects in your yard appear more life-like - this is more prominent with statues, giving them dimension and perspective. Ideally, choosing smaller elements near fences or walls are better to achieve this effect of shadowing. Once the wind blows, you can see the movement of the trees in its shadow. All sides of the object are projected and positioned bringing everything together creating movement.

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