Six tips to improving your great outdoors

Six tips to improving your great outdoors

After a long winter, the spring, summer and fall months offer you and your family an opportunity to begin enjoying days and evenings in the privacy of your own outdoor space. Your backyard is your private oasis and can provide hours of enjoyment. From a relaxing evening to hosting a get-together with friends, ideal lighting and audio can make all the difference between a good time and an exceptional time providing just the perfect ambiance.

With more homes featuring larger glass windows/ walls and open space concepts, the appearance of the back yard has never been more important. From your personal enjoyment to the increased resale value it adds to your home, the time is now to take your outdoor living experience to the next level.

With this aim in mind, Conscape Lighting + Audio can shed some light on the topic – from what to do, through to how to do it. We are experts in outdoor lighting and audio solutions and happy to offer ‘6 TIPS’ for creating your own paradise.

  1. PRICE. A bright decision isn’t only based on price.
    Several factors should be considered when creating light and soundscapes for your home. A well-designed plan considers light levels, special features, views (including from interior spaces), functionality, flow and overall appearance of the property. Once exceptional design and strategy have been applied, the target product can be sought. It is important that this design step is taken first to guide your way through the options. Remember product selection should be based on what best meets your requirements, not what’s necessarily the lowest price. Because this step is so important, at Conscape, whether you’ve installed a past system that fell short, or you’re looking to install new audio and lighting in your back yard, we are happy to provide free consultations with absolutely no obligation.
  3. DURABILITY. Durability is integral in our 4-season environment.
    Considering the Canadian climate, durability is a big factor that must be taken into account. This is why at Conscape Lighting + Audio, we exclusively use Coastal Source products. They are built to withstand the harsh elements of the Florida Keys. Believe it or not, one of the biggest challenges with the durability of exterior illumination is the connection! Most failures in electrical systems occur with the connection. With Coastal Source’s Patented Connector, we guarantee a water and air tight connection, ensuring system performance that is guaranteed to defy the elements.
  5. EFFICIENCY. Energy Efficiency has never looked better.
    As with all industries, the aim is to get more from less; less money, less power but greater wow factor. Again, Coastal Source has allowed us to offer our clients the best of both worlds. We only install LED products that look great and provide high-end, high-efficiency lighting, with lamps that last for over 50,000 hours and are guaranteed for 5 years. We know first-hand the look of a client’s face when I tell them that their lamps could last up to 20 years! With these cutting edge products at our disposal, there is no layout or configuration which we cannot fashion into a stunning finished product.
  7. SOUNDING OFF. The latest technology is music to your ears.
    Your perfect outdoor experience is not complete without the right sound. After illuminating so many back yard paradises, we continued to hear that the next step was integrating sound – so we took it upon ourselves to bring music to our clients. Unlike most companies, Conscape Lighting + Audio provides sound solutions that allow you to enjoy clear and powerful sound throughout your backyard oasis. The reality is, the project is simply not complete without this element. We now offer products that are stand-alone outdoor systems or that can integrate to your interior sound system or systems that connect via Bluetooth to a handheld device or smartphone – the possibilities are truly endless.
  9. EXPANDABILITY. For this product, always be willing to expand your thinking.
    Experience has taught us that people want options – even the perfect project needs to be ready for future additions and adjustments as client needs change and technology expands. Simply put, you don’t want to be limited in the expandability of the product as your landscape matures and your needs change. At Conscape Lighting + Audio, we utilize a brilliant platform, which makes modifications and additions fast and easy – again, a big benefit for both our clients and us.
  11. WARRANTY. Experience and Warranty provide peace of mind.
    The most important thing we’ve learned over the years is that people will not trust their home to just anyone and so experience and warranties are integral to building confidence. I never shy away from telling my prospective clients that Conscape Lighting + Audio has deep roots in the landscape business, and that our exclusive supplier, Coastal Source has more than 50 years of experience in harsh environments and currently supplies the largest theme park in Central Florida. Over and above this, we make it a point to stand by what we do by giving our clients a powerful lifetime warrantee on all our designed and installed lighting systems. Because this guarantee is truly rare for outdoor products it sets Conscape Lighting + Audio apart. A company with this experience and that guarantee means you won’t have to look elsewhere.

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