Maximize Outdoor Sound & Music with Conscape’s Audio Systems

Maximize Outdoor Sound & Music with Conscape’s Audio Systems

How can you create the perfect sound outdoors? No gathering, big or small, is more perfect than when enjoying music while you entertain in the comfort of your backyard. Let Conscape help you create an ambiance to remember. Once you’ve created an outdoor space that is super functional, well lit, and welcoming, the goal is to create a sound experience that compliments everything else. Outdoor sound and audio can make a big difference in how you set the tone when celebrating a special occasion or having an intimate dinner party. This is not only achieved based on the type of music you decide to play/stream from your mobile device using applications like Airplay, Spotify, or Bluetooth. You can set any mood you want outdoors; you need the right tools.

Here’s why you should choose Conscape Lighting + Audio:

  • Once You Hear it, You’ll Love it -
    Conscape’s audio systems will have you falling in love with sound and music the second you turn the speakers on. We offer quality Coastal Source audio products that maximize your outdoor experience by projecting clear sound throughout your backyard. Gone are the days when music is blaring out from one source. With Conscape’s audio systems, you will love what you hear.
  • Optimizing sound without limits
    Outdoor audio has more of an acoustic advantage because the music coming from the speakers is not affected by interior walls. The outdoor environment is open, allowing sound to disperse freely without being confined in one area. Investing in multiple speakers and setting them up in different areas around our yard will create a balanced audio experience for any occasion. Whether you’re entertaining or doing yoga, you’ll be impressed with the sound and change how you’ve been listening and hearing music outdoors forever.
  • What does it take?
    Placement of your speakers is critical – you’ll want to project sound evenly throughout your yard for maximum quality.  Conscape uses speakers and amplifiers that are engineered and designed for outdoor application specifically unlike any other product in the market.  As a result, the performance and quality that we offer is second to none.  If you have a standard 120-volt outlet outside, Conscape can easily design and install a system that is seamless and catered to your lifestyle with minimal installation related intrusions.

Get ready to enjoy long warm summer nights outside with friends and family. Conscape Lighting + Audio can help you create the ultimate backyard sound experience with music everyone will enjoy. Conscape Offers a 5 – year warranty on speakers, a 2-year on electronics, and a lifetime on all wiring. You’re getting durable, reliable products at a fantastic deal and personalized design service included.

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