The Conscape Difference: Immerse Yourself in Superior Sound

The Conscape Difference: Immerse Yourself in Superior Sound

Everyone wants to make the most of their outdoor space - that is indisputable. Creating this paradise is made up of a combination of many factors including furniture, greenery, outdoor tiles, lighting and audio. When it comes to the audio aspect of creating your backyard oasis, some may find themselves confused at which type of system to install in their backyard.

For some, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is a Bluetooth speaker. This relies simply on a speaker - that is the entire product. Typically, Bluetooth speakers contain low wattage and they are at a single point only. This offers a much lower sound quality than when you opt for something more complete.

Conscape offers a much different audio experience than a Bluetooth speaker. Conscape’s outdoor audio systems contain perfectly placed amplified speakers featuring beautiful, crisp sound. The audio is clear and can be anywhere from 100 to 1,000 watts. These speakers are wired, but they are inconspicuous and hidden underground to keep them protected.

This complete outdoor audio system includes an amplifier and receiver, which allows you to utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi applications in order to broadcast anything you’d like to listen to. It’s so much more than a simple speaker.

With a full outdoor audio system installed by Conscape, you can ditch the batteries and dinky devices for high-quality products. Immerse yourself in a beautiful soundscape.

As experts in the field, Conscape is proud to be a provider of Coastal Source quality outdoor audio. Combined with our unique design and excellent customer service, there is no better way to improve your outdoor audio landscape.

Contact us and schedule a FREE demo of our sound and lighting products. We will come to your house personally and show you just how you can embrace a completely new auditory experience in your very own backyard.

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