How landscape lighting will help you get more out of your backyard

How landscape lighting will help you get more out of your backyard

Have you spent quite a bit of money building and designing a beautiful backyard paradise, but feel you don’t get to enjoy it enough? Does it seem that just as you’re settling in, the sun has gone down and it’s time to head inside?

Conscape Lighting + Audio has a number of ways to help you maximize your backyard enjoyment.

While we have many ideas about sound and speakers, this article will focus on landscape lighting only.

So we’re in the summer months - and yes, the sun definitely stays out longer - however, the warm weather started late this year, and there has been so much rain, so July really feels like the beginning of outdoor summer enjoyment. This means (fingers crossed) that the warm weather will extend into October, but at that time, the sun will be setting earlier.

Luckily, Conscape is here to save (and extend) the day.

Strategically-placed LED lights around your deck can keep your most social area illuminated well into the night. Even when the sun goes down, you can enjoy a seamless transition into a well-lit dining or lounging area with family and friends.

Our designers know exactly how to maximize lighting in the most unobtrusive of manners. Part of enjoying your outdoor environment includes a beautiful backdrop. You’ve tended your lawn, trimmed your trees and maintained your stone to create your perfect personal oasis. Now it’s time to shine a little light on them. Not only are our LED lights long lasting, but we also provide various colour options to shed just the right light on your stunning landscape. No matter where you look, even at midnight, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

We ensure enjoyment without disruption or distraction of what you have designed and built. Conscape uses subtle LED lighting fixtures with no unsightly wires, as we ensure the wires are buried. And of course, durability is a priority, as you never have to worry about weather or other factors disrupting your perfectly-lit environment.

As experts in landscape lighting, Conscape is pleased to provide Coastal Source LED lighting products with our unique combination of innovative design and unbeatable service.

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