Conscape Lighting + Audio now offers the Complete Backyard Escape

Conscape Lighting + Audio now offers the Complete Backyard Escape

At Conscape, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional work when it comes to delivering lighting and audio services. Our customers have received the best in audio and lighting design for their outdoor space, and now we are happy to say we will be able to offer all that and more.

In a recent partnership with TriMatrix Construction, we are excited to continue to provide our incomparable lighting and audio services, while also being able to expand further to deliver to you the complete backyard living experience.

This means, along with the design and installation of lighting and audio systems perfectly into your backyard, we can now transform the entirety of your outdoor space to create what you have always dreamed of. Anything you want, we can do it. Whether it’s a gazebo, audio experience, deck or even a pool – you name it, we can provide it.

Who is TriMatrix Construction?
An award-winning company with over 30 years of experience working in the construction industry, TriMatrix experts have an eye for creativity and expert craftsmanship. They always ensure that the work being done is nothing less than spectacular.

The company is located in Vaughan, Ontario and provides service across the GTA that includes, commercial, industrial, and residential. The goal is to give customers the satisfaction of calling their house a home. They were voted Top Choice Renovation Company of 2018 in Vaughan, showcasing that they live up to what they stand for.

Through this partnership with Conscape, now TriMatrix is also able to offer a full outdoor experience to their customers with the option of complete audio and lighting systems for their front or back yard.

What does this mean for Conscape Lighting?
Conscape will still offer all the same services as before but now you can get even more. The way you look at your backyard will be unlike before.

Conscape will continue to service customers with lighting and audio but with this current partnership, there is the option of doing a full backyard renovation. This partnership will expand our company’s expertise in the construction industry and allow for the optimum satisfaction of our customers.

Whether you want an outdoor fire place or kitchen, through this expansion, we can provide it all – the quality construction, the spectacular audio and fantastic lighting to bring it to life. Give your backyard everything it deserves and let TriMatrix and Conscape bring you luxury living right outside your door. Escape to your Backyard.

For more information, visit us at and contact Conscape for a free consultation. To learn more about TriMatrix, please visit their website today at

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