Conscape is a Coastal Source Certified Dealer for Outdoor Lighting and Audio

Conscape is a Coastal Source Certified Dealer for Outdoor Lighting and Audio

When it comes to designing your dream home, never settle for anything less than luxurious. Coastal Source is one of the most durable lighting and audio systems exclusively available at great value. As a supplier of Coastal Source products that are only accessible through a certified dealer, it doesn’t get any better than Conscape Lighting + Audio.

Conscape focuses on providing you with the highest level of installation and service. Creating a stunning landscape takes an enormous skill both in design and installing a lighting and audio system that will work over years regardless of what the weather throws at it. It requires top end components that you simply can’t buy at your local home improvement store.

Design and careful testing are required to install the right lighting and speakers to produce the right balance of beautiful lighting and crisp audio with a noticeable difference.

What Does It Mean to be a Certified Dealer?
Our goal at Conscape is to transform your landscapes into an at-home paradise. We want to exceed your expectations of quality outdoor lighting and audio to leave a breathtaking impression on your yard. That is why we use Coastal Source ¬– the only manufacturer that makes certain all product specialists are certified. After going through a series of training sessions and passing a written examination, our experts make you hear and see a new perspective.

Experience a difference in functionality, clarity and appearance with a certified dealer. At Conscape, we excel and aim to provide our customers with an oasis they can escape to. Not only are our products and services different from the rest, but it makes a significant difference in your home.

Why is Having a Certified Dealer Important to You?
Conscape Lighting + Audio is a great long-term investment where you’ll get a quality Coastal Source fixtures installation that can withstand any weather, debris or environmental changes. Taking into consideration both interior and exterior aspects, we show off your landscapes and gardens for optimal enjoyment and performance year after year.

The process of using a certified dealer goes beyond just building superior sound and lighting – It ensures that the installation is properly done by a trained and certified professional to guarantee excellent results. With ongoing training, each member is knowledgeable in design theory and positioning the lights and speakers in the right places.

Reasons to Choose Conscape:

  • Reduces energy costs by increasing lumens.
  • No maintenance required; fixtures are sealed tight to keep outside debris and moisture from corroding the product.
  • Lifetime System Warranty on lighting and 5 – year warranty on lamps.
  • 5- year warranty on speakers and a 2-year warranty on electronics

Let Conscape Lighting + Audio help illuminate your landscapes with the best lighting and sound systems, giving you years of enjoyment.

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