Conscape Creates the Finest Outdoor Audio Experience

Conscape Creates the Finest Outdoor Audio Experience

Music elevates a moment to the next level. It takes a normal afternoon in the backyard of your home and turns it into an uplifting sound experience. The quality of the audio is a factor that you may not think is important – until you hear one of Conscape’s audio systems with your own ears. Not only will you enhance your personal experience, you can add to the total value of your home.

Several of our clients have expressed their appreciation for our complete outdoor audio systems. Sound is the last piece of the puzzle in creating a backyard oasis.

Perfect for All Listeners

Our Coastal Source outdoor audio systems meet the needs of just about anyone who enjoys listening to music whether for a party or to relax to meditational sounds. If you enjoy listening at a low, moderate volume but still want it to sound crystal clear, Conscape can add that extra special technical touch.  Enhancing the quality of sound and music is what Conscape does best.

We install a perfectly designed audio system in your space, and you will immediately notice the difference. All your individual needs will be met and to your complete satisfaction.

Optimized for your Landscape

Inside the home, there are several unwanted reflections and distortions of sound caused by interior walls. Once you take the audio outdoors, these limitations no longer exist and our systems capitalizes on that. The products are crafted specifically for the outdoor environment – meaning that they are not just indoor speakers modified for the outdoors, but rather they have been engineered specifically for outdoor sound dynamics and fidelity. Coastal Source Outdoor Audio components are so robust and well-engineered that they can be played in our winter conditions and Defy the Elements.  Our systems feature a 5-year warranty on the speakers, 2-year warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on all wiring.

Inconspicuous Design and Easy Operation

Rigorous engineering standards and unique design allow our products to deliver the best sound quality possible, while also blending in with their surroundings. Either partially buried in the landscape or free-standing on a terrace or patio, both options provide an inconspicuous addition to the living areas of your home.

One of our client’s main concerns is whether or not the systems are easy to use. The answer is a resounding yes! If you are able to play music from your mobile device, then you can operate your Conscape Audio system the exact same way. We have state-of-the-art Bluetooth Receivers that link to your devices which are simple to operate and incredibly stable.  We also have streaming systems that utilize third party equipment such as Sonos and Apply AirPlay.  The choices and solutions will absolutely astound you.

Revolutionize the way you experience sound in your outdoor spaces. Contact Conscape Lighting + Audio today for a free consultation and to receive more information about outdoor audio in Vaughan and across the GTA.



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