3 Outdoor Lighting Tips to increase Winter Curb Appeal

3 Outdoor Lighting Tips to increase Winter Curb Appeal

The time of year has come where the days end sooner, the weather is colder and the snow is falling. As much as we would love to stay inside and avoid the falling temperatures all together, we know that the winter months also provide some of the most stunning views of homes you will see throughout the entire year!

Your home is a blank canvas just waiting to be lit up. With the addition of some thoughtfully-designed outdoor lighting, your home will pop against the dark nights and heavy snowfall.

Here are some tips to achieve the curb appeal you have dreamed of:

Strategically Design your Outdoor Lighting

With the help of Conscape professionals, you can create a thoughtful design for the outdoor lighting your home requires. We will make sure to talk to you about what your vision is, while also providing our own suggestions to maximize the plan for your home.

Adding lights to your home does not have to mean breaking the budget – that’s why Conscape is here to help you decide just what to do. You only need to install outdoor lights where they are most effective and appealing. You will want to highlight architectural features of your home, bring attention to any living areas such as a front porch and light up walking zones including any paths.

Using LED lighting is an option that is cost-effective for two reasons: they use less electricity and they are long-lasting. Not to mention, we have a wide-range of LED lighting finishes and styles.

Keep up Maintenance of your Outdoor Lights

Once you have your brand-new lights, you will definitely want to make sure you maintain them to ensure a long product life, as well as the most beautiful lighting possible. One way to do this is to regularly clean the lenses on your lights. When it comes to the outdoors, it is possible for anything from dirt or debris to build up in the lens and block light.

Second, you should check for any exposed wiring once it starts to get even colder outside. Snow and ice are common through the winter months, and therefore you want to ensure you re-bury any wires that are exposed before the ground freezes. If you require any help or a wire appears to be damaged, it is best to call a Conscape professional.

Add Christmas lights

For the final touch – add some Christmas lights to the exterior to infuse joyous holiday spirit! This will bring your home to life during the holidays and definitely have the extra curb appeal you have been looking for. If you are one of the very festive homeowners in the neighbourhood, you should definitely consider adding some Christmas music in the yard using your outdoor audio system – something else Conscape can assist you with!

Conscape Lighting + Audio services anywhere in the GTA and is happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information on outdoor lighting or audio, contact Conscape today for a free consultation!


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